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  • Pre-Order Your Copy of the 2015 Samoan Men's Calendar TAMA TOA!

    Pre-Order Your Copy of the 2015 Samoan Men's Calendar TAMA TOA!

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Mea'ai Samoa


Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Polynesia The cuisine, traditions and environment of Samoa presented in recipes, photographs and stories b...

Mau - Samoa's Struggle for Freedom


On 29 August 1914 New Zealand troops landed in German Samoa and established a colonial rule that was to last for almost fifty years. This is the st...

SALE Fausaga o Lauga Samoa - Vaega I

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Fausaga o Lauga Samoa Anotusi Mataupu 1: O le Lauga o le Feiloaiga Mataupu 2: Alagaupu ma Muagagana Mataupu 3: O Taeao o le Atunu'u Mataupu 4: Ga...

Tusi Faalupega o Samoa Atoa


Tusi Faalupega o Samoa Atoa "O Samoa e le o se atunuu taliola, ao le atunuu ua uma ona tofi" Author/s: Tusi Faalupega CommitteeHardback: 275 pagesP...

Samoan Dictionary by G.B. Milner


First published in 1966, this dictionary was commissioned by the Governments of Western and American Samoa. A distinguished linguist, G.B.Milner ha...

Pacific Tsunami "Galu Afi"


An informative, sensitively articulated and beautifully woven story about the 2009 Pacific Tsunami that lovingly shares the voices and experiences ...

SALE The Samoans - A Global Family

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The beauty of this Samoan proverb poetically describes The Samoans: A Global Family. From the tea estates of Sri Lanka to the deserts of the Sudan,...

Taeao Mua: Le Lomifefiloi Ole Tusi Paia

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Taeao Mua is a Samoan Bible Dictionary written with the purpose of broadening one's understanding of the bible and creating a pathway for interpret...